The Red River Soccer Association (RRSA) is thrilled to announce its strategic foray into the classic soccer arena as the 2024 season unfolds. As part of this initiative, RRSA is gearing up to conduct tryouts in early spring, marking a significant milestone in the association’s commitment to fostering interest and providing high-level competitive experiences in the beautiful game.

While the board is diligently working on finalizing the details of the tryouts, RRSA urges prospective players seeking an elevated competitive experience to stay abreast of the unfolding developments by following updates through official communication channels.

In preparation for the upcoming tryouts, RRSA emphasizes the importance of mental and physical readiness. Prospective players are advised to focus on five key areas:

Fitness & Agility: Acknowledging the critical role of fitness in soccer, RRSA stresses the need for players to showcase their skills consistently throughout the tryouts.

Dribbling: Recognizing dribbling as the foundation of the sport, players are encouraged to enhance their confidence and comfort with the ball.

Shooting: Emphasizing the primary objective of scoring, RRSA advises players to practice various shooting techniques, including on-the-run, one-touch shooting, and more.

Passing: Improving passing abilities with both feet, executing accurate passes, and passing on the move are highlighted as essential skills.

Aggression: RRSA underscores the importance of aggression both on and off the ball, encompassing physical challenges, movement into space, and a positive mindset.

Additionally, RRSA provides four guiding principles for prospective players:

Hard Work: A strong work ethic and resilience are key attributes RRSA values in players.

Positive Attitude: Effective communication, a team-oriented mentality, and support for teammates contribute to a player’s value to the team.

Confidence: RRSA encourages players to demonstrate confidence in trying new things and rebounding quickly from mistakes.

Readiness: Players are urged to be physically and mentally prepared, showcasing their best attributes during tryouts.

To maximize success, RRSA recommends establishing a pre-tryout routine, focusing on proper nutrition, hydration, and sufficient sleep several days before the event. The association emphasizes the significance of mental preparation, advising players to visualize their performance on the field the night before.

On the day of tryouts, RRSA suggests adopting personal routines to achieve the right mindset and recommends wearing comfortable and confidence-boosting attire.

Five additional tips for success at youth soccer tryouts include arriving early, introducing oneself to coaches, maintaining a high work rate, being ready for significant moments, and exhibiting flexibility and positivity in playing unfamiliar positions.

For more information and updates on the Red River Soccer Association’s 2024 season and tryouts, please visit or contact Bryan Rainwater.

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