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Our mission is to have a positive impact on the development of youth in our community by providing high quality programs and events that train and educate players, coaches, referees, and those that support the game of soccer. We emphasize long-term player development of emotional, social, and physical skills. Our ultimate goal is to develop and prepare our players for the future, both on and off the field.

Our Vision
RRSA is a soccer association that caters to all players of different skill levels from our Learn to Play (U4) to our U14 Girls and U14 Boys teams. We offer supportive and fun soccer to all youth athletes regardless of their play-level. At RRSA, we have licensed coaches to guide players through their soccer development to ensure player enrichment and support through their soccer career.

Our Values
Positive Energy –
A positive attitude creates a positive environment
Perseverance –
Never give up!
Commitment –
Committed to developing the player and the individual.
Passion –
Good leaders will inspire themselves. Great leaders will inspire others.
Community –
The team is greater than the individual.
The club is greater than the team.
The community is greater than the club.
Our Goals –
Long term sustainability

We can’t accomplish anything else on this list unless we exist, and unfortunately it takes revenue to keep this club moving (even with volunteer management). Finding partnerships with individuals and businesses that understand our mission is critical.
Increase our fan base and increase our community influence.

We want as many people in the community to experience and take part in what we’re building here. We are committed to building an organization that has something for everyone. We want to provide an environment that is family friendly, social, entertaining, inexpensive, and inspiring.
Provide a development path for our players.

What opportunities can we create for our players to test themselves at the next level? Can we become a developmental destination for future professional players? These are some of the questions we talk about with the coaching staff. We know that players can find options to play soccer anywhere. “Sunday leagues” exist in every town and guys can go kick around and live their dream. There’s not a darn thing wrong with that either. But we have to find other ways to help our guys. Maybe it’s writing reference letters. Maybe it’s keeping them informed of open tryouts for these bigger clubs. Rest assured we want to have players have success with RRSA and be rewarded. We are going to have many in the future if we put forth the effort to help them.