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Our Organization

Founded in 2022, RRSA has become determined to bring soccer to a broad audience to transform and provide opportunities to the local areas. Red River Soccer Association or RRSA. After being approached by city officials in Pineville and a ton of meetings and phone calls, RRSA was born. We as a board of directors have been working hard in conjunction with the city of Pineville to develop a youth recreation soccer program. We hope to be able to grow and add competitive soccer to our league as well as host tournaments in Pineville in the near future. Our games will be played at the Pineville Ward 9 Sportsplex.

We currently offer a Learn “To Play Program” starting at age 3 through our partnership with Soccer Shots, as well-as TOPSoccer and recreation teams for children through 16 years of age. If the interest is there, we are happy to offer teams for individuals older than 16.

The Red River Soccer Association, now in its second year of operation, is committed to overcoming the typical challenges associated with new organizations. Our dedicated board of directors diligently addresses and resolves issues as they arise, striving to enhance our offerings continually.

Our mission is dedicated to empowering the youth in our community through exceptional programs and events that nurture emotional, social, and physical growth. We invite you to join us in shaping your children’s path toward a promising future, both within and beyond the soccer arena.

We are driven by our commitment to positively impact the development of young individuals in our community, achieved through the provision of high-quality programs and events tailored to educate and train players, coaches, referees, and soccer enthusiasts. Our core focus remains on the long-term development of players, encompassing their emotional, social, and physical skills. Ultimately, our objective is to cultivate and equip our players for success in their future endeavors, both on and off the pitch.

RRSA collects fees in order to continue to invest in the association. By being financially responsible, we are able to develop our own material, our coaches, and give back to our community.

One of our most significant endeavors is the incorporation of Classic Soccer into our programs. Classic Soccer, also known as competitive or select soccer, is segmented into various levels in Louisiana, including Premier and Classic I, II, and III divisions. Classic Soccer matches are characterized by their intensity and often feature fierce rivalries, resulting in closely contested games marked by consistently high-level play.

To join the ranks of Classic Soccer within the Louisiana Youth Soccer Association, we must meet specific requirements, one of which mandates that our association must be in continuous operation for at least two years, among other criteria. We are poised to meet this milestone starting in 2024.

If you are interested in becoming a coach or referee or just want to help out behind the scenes, please contact us and we will get you plugged in! We look forward to ‘kicking it’ with the Pineville community this upcoming Fall soccer season!


All Levels

RRSA is a soccer association that caters to all players of different skill levels from our Learn to Play (U4) to our U16 Girls and U16 Boys teams. We offer supportive and fun soccer to all youth athletes regardless of their play-level. At RRSA, we have licensed coaches to guide players through their soccer development to ensure player enrichment and support through their soccer career.

Centrally In Louisiana

We partner with the City of Pineville and other entities to get priority usage at Ward 9 Sportsplex and other areas. Having this field freedom and flexibility allows us to ensure our operation is given priority for our youth.

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Better Coaches make Better Players

Coaches are the key to player development. RRSA is devoted to promoting all our coaches and volunteer staff to make our players better. Communication, paid coaching courses, and coaching pathways bring our coaches into the next area of development. By developing our coaches effectively, RRSA in turn can develop coaches and volunteer staff techniques to then in turn develop the RRSA youth soccer community.

Mission Vision & Values

RRSA is committed to giving each child an opportunity to learn and play the game of soccer in a fun and enjoyable atmosphere. From the most skilled to the least, RRSA is determined to give all the experience of playing this beautiful sport we love!


” Come Kick it with Us! ”